Workforce Development

The future of home technology depends not only on the technology, but on the people who are designing and installing it. That’s why it’s our goal to create a framework for sustainable development of a skilled workforce by focusing on attracting new, young talent to our industry.


  1. Raising awareness and generating interest among students and jobseekers
  2. Training, credentialing, and upskilling workers
  3. Connecting jobseekers with member companies
  4. Enhancing member capacity to recruit, develop, and retain talent
CEDIA Electronic Systems Integration Technician Program:
  • Approved by state of Indiana for workforce reimbursement
  • 12-week pilot program complete
  • Cohort of 8 graduates
  • Identifying Authorized Training Partners
  • Connect members with trainees
  • Revising curriculum based on feedback from pilot
  • U.S. recruitment for next cohort
  • Creating an online job center
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Institute for Apprentiships Technical Education

Received approval for our Smart Home Technician Apprenticeship from the UK Institute of Apprenticeships. CEDIA will be working with key training partners to implement this program across the UK.

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